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about us

Super-Stories was launched in 2022 by Grace Lang and Ramiro Davaro-Comas, artists and educators located in upstate New York.

Mission Statement:


Super-Stories is a registered 501(c) 3 non-profit that focuses on community storytelling through public art, hands-on making experiences, and partnerships with local artists and educators. We believe deeply in the power of developing a visual language to better understand ourselves and others. We are dedicated to cultivating a creative community in Columbia County and beyond by engaging with people of all ages and backgrounds, providing space for curiosity, collaboration, exploration and personal expression.




Super-Stories is committed to providing both free and paid art-making opportunities in our Makers Space and through off-site programming. We trust the power of public art to communicate with broad audiences and feel these large-scale artworks are most compelling when they center the voices of students. Our mural collaborations and other hands-on art workshops offer young people the chance to build confidence, focus, and critical thinking skills. The spaces in which we teach will always be safe, accepting, and socially inclusive. We believe in the ripple effect of sharing knowledge: If you know something, teach it!

Ramiro Davaro-Comas is an Argentine/American artist with a background in public art and artist residency management. His passions for painting, storytelling, and community work have pushed him to travel throughout his career, collaborating with artists around the world. He is also the creator and served as a director of Dripped on the Road, a traveling artist residency program from 2016 to 2022. He is currently co-directing Super Stories, consulting on public art projects, painting murals, and creating work for gallery exhibitions. When he isn’t making art, Ramiro spends his time building things and skateboarding.

Grace Lang is an American multimedia artist and educator. A deep understanding of the link between creative expression and identity development informs her work facilitating art-making workshops for children, often with a focus on exploring personal narratives. She spent three years on the education team at Art Omi Sculpture Park in Ghent, NY and is a co-director of Super Stories. She holds undergraduate degrees in Illustration and Literary Studies, as well as a Masters in Educational Psychology. Grace also loves reading, cooking, snowboarding, and hanging out with her and Ramiro's baby, Otis.

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